1. David Shrair

      David Shrair

      David Shrair is an attorney with Cooley, Shrair, P.C.

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    2. David Southworth

      President & CEO of Southworth Paper Company.

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    3. David W. Glidden

      David W. Glidden

      David W. Glidden is the Regional Director of TD Banknorth.

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    4. David W. Lahr

      David Lahr is the Plant Manager of Solutia, Inc.

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    5. Donald Williams

      Donald Williams is the past Chief Executive Officer of Westfield Financial Inc.

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    6. Douglas A Bowen

      Douglas A Bowen

      Douglas A. Bowen is the President/CEO of PeoplesBank.

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    7. Dr. Evan S. Dobelle

      Dr. Evan S. Dobelle

      Dr. Evan Dobelle is the President of Westfield State College.

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    8. Dr. Richard Flynn

      Dr. Richard Flynn

      Dr. Richard Flynn is the President of Springfield College.

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    9. Dr. Robert C. Holub

      Dr. Robert C. Holub

      Robert Charles Holub assumed his role as chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Amherst August 1, 2008, as the 10th chancellor of the flagship campus.

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    10. Ellen Cummings

      Ellen Cummings is the Regional Director of External Affairs in the Central & Western Massachusetts branch of Verizon.

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    11. Fran Cataldo Jr.

      Fran Cataldo, Jr. is the President of C&W Realty Co.

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    12. Francis D. Dibble

      Francis D. Dibble

      Francis Dibble is a lawyer with Bulkley, Richardson & Gelinas.

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    13. Fred Rosenkranz

      Fred Rosenkranz is the CEO & Chairman of the Board of Marox Corporation.

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    14. George Burtch

      George Burtch is the Vice President of Global Integration at Hasbro, Inc.

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    15. George J. Koller

      George J. Koller

      George J. Koller is the President/CEO of Noble Health Systems, Inc.

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