1. Aaron Julien

      Aaron Julien is the publisher of the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

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    2. Alfred Griggs

      Alfred Griggs

      Alfred Griggs is the President of A.L. Griggs Industries Inc.

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    3. Andreas Gottzmann

      Andreas Gottzmann is the President/CEO of Suddekor LLC.

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    4. Anthony S. Caprio

      Anthony S. Caprio

      Anthony S. Caprio is the current president of Western New England College.

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    5. Arlene Putnam

      Arlene Putnam

      Arlene Putnam is the Vice President & General Manager of Eastfield Associates, LLC.

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    6. Carol A. Leary

      Carol A. Leary

      Carol A. Leary is the President of Bay Path College.

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    7. Carol T. Christ

      Carol T. Christ

      Carol T. Christ is the President of Smith College.

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    8. Charles D’Amour

      Charles D'Amour is the President/COO of Big Y Foods.

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    9. Craig W. Rydin

      Craig W. Rydin

      Craig Rydin is the Chairman & CEO of Yankee Candle, Inc.

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    10. Dale Janes

      Dale Janes

      Dale Janes is the Chief Executive Officer at NUVO Bank and Trust Co.

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    11. Dan Prestegaard

      Dan Prestegaard is the Executive Vice President & COO of Financial Partners, Inc. (FPI)

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    12. Daniel M. Glanville

      Daniel M. Glanville is the Vice President of Government Affairs at Comcast CT/ West Region.

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    13. Dave Pirkle

      Dave Pirkle

      David Pirkle is the President of Lenox/American Saw.

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    14. David A. Parke

      David A. Parke

      David Parke is an attorney with Bulkely, Richardson and Gelinas.

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