1. ann latham

      ann latham

      Ann Latham is the President of Uncommon Clarity, Inc., a firm that improves individual and organizational performance.

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    2. Bill Wrinn

      Bill Wrinn

      Bill Wrinn is the Director of marketing and communications for the Scuderi Group.

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    3. Brendan Ciecko

      Brendan Ciecko

      Brendan Ciecko is the founder and president of Ten Minute Media, a creative services company that specializes in interactive design and development headquartered in Holyoke, MA. www.tenminutemedia.com www.brendanciecko.com

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    4. Charles Blanker

      Charles Blanker is the President of Back on Track Consulting.

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    5. David Hobert

      David Hobert is the Regional President - Western Massachusetts - People's United Bank

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    6. Deborah Basile

      Deborah Basile

      Deborah is a shareholder in the Intellectual Property practice area of the law firm Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury & Murphy.

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    7. Dennis Guberski

      Dennis Guberski

      Dennis L. Guberski is the President of BioMedical Research Models, Inc.

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    8. Diane Doherty

      Diane Doherty

      Dianne Fuller Doherty is the regional director of the Massachusetts Small Business Center.

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    9. Dr. Robert L. Pura

      Dr. Robert L. Pura

      Dr. Robert L. Pura is the President of Greenfield Community College and a past chair of the Massachusetts Community College Presidents’ Council.

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    10. Edward F. Blaguszewski

      Edward F. Blaguszewski

      Edward Blaguszewski is the Director of news and information for UMass Amherst.

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    11. Edward Wilczynski

      Edward Wilczynski

      Ed Wilczynski is the Vice President of Information Systems at Mass Mutual Financial Group in Springfield, Massachusetts

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    12. Elaine Sarsynski

      Elaine Sarsynski

      Elaine Sarsynski is an executive VP at MassMutual Life Insurance in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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