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    1. Publisher: masslive.com
      He was always the big-picture player going back to the Civic Center and opening up restaurants.
      - In Anthony W. Ravosa of Springfield recalled for urban vision
    2. Publisher: masslive.com
      I'm certainly very honored to be selected as woman of the year.
      - In Women's Partnership honors Carol Baribeau as 2010 woman of the year
    3. Publisher: masslive.com
      I want them looking locally before they look outside the region.
      - Russell Denver in 2010 Business Market Show: Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield urges: Look, buy local
    4. Publisher: masslive.com
      I was elated. This is such a great research topic.
      - In UMass microbiologist Derek Lovley wins $1 million U.S. Department of Energy grant
    5. Publisher: masslive.com
      Once people come here ... they are pleasantly surprised.
      - Jeff Ciuffreda in Chambers hear pitch on gambling - MassLive.com
    6. Publisher: masslive.com
      They (political leaders) are accessible, and really want to hear what business leaders want to say.
      - In Chambers hear pitch on gambling - MassLive.com
    7. Publisher: masslive.com
      Massachusetts has always led the way in arts and culture, and this investment will bring the arts and arts education directly to more and more people and colleges in our state.
      - In 3 Pioneer Valley organizations win National Endowment for Arts grants
    8. Publisher: masslive.com
      We called it a victory celebration because we are celebrating the success of 2009 and the success we are already having in this new year.
      - In United Way of Pioneer Valley raises $6.2 million
    9. Publisher: BusinessWest
      Village Hill is an answer to opportunity for developers.
      - Teri Anderson in Doing Business in: Northampton
    10. Publisher: BusinessWest
      There is also a nice sense of community here.
      - In Doing Business in: Northampton
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