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  2. About William F. Messner

    William F. Messner

    William F. Messner is the President of
    Holyoke Community College.


    1. We hope that this agreement will increase the flow of students from HCC to Westfield to the next level.
      In Westfield State University, Holyoke Community College ink agreement to lower college costs for students
    2. Manufacturing roots are long and deep in Springfield and Holyoke from the Armory on STCC's campus to the precision machining and niche manufacturing in the region today.
      In Springfield Technical and Holyoke community colleges launch accelerated manufacturing careers program
    3. The economic impact of the casino industry in the region is going to be significant both in terms of revenues for the state and the localities involved but I think even more importantly in terms of jobs for the region's citizens.
      In Massachusetts Gaming Commission hears about Casino Career Institute
    4. It's a great opportunity, but a great challenge as well.
      In Massachusetts Gaming Commission hears about Casino Career Institute
    5. He's really the one who really got it for us.
      In Gov. Deval Patrick announces life sciences funding at Holyoke Community College
    6. I believe this effort will open up new markets for both institutions.
      In Bay Path College and Holyoke Community College to offer joint online degree program
    7. It is about ideal as we could hope for.
      In Holyoke Community College plans to purchase Grynn & Barrett building for health services programs
    8. At the same time the economy has gone into a tailspin, the notion of matriculation at a community college has become more of the thing to do.
      In Enrollment soars at area community colleges