1. Westfield State University

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  2. About Westfield State University

    Westfield State University

    Westfield State University at 577 Western Avenue, in Westfield, Massachusetts, is a small liberal arts college founded in 1838.

  3. Quotes about Westfield State University

    1. Westfield State University is exploding and the city of Westfield is on the move.
      In Developer hopes to rehabilitate former Westfield State training school building by beginning of new year
    2. The Westfield State University Science Center is the first all-academic building constructed in more than 40 years at Westfield State and it's been more than five years in the making.
      In Westfield State University celebrates new $33 million science center with groundbreaking ceremony
    3. We are excited about the opportunity to work with Westfield State University. We are continuing to build a strong culture of serving food that is healthy and delicious, while supporting our regional food system. It is a win-win situation for both universities and most of all for the students.
      In Westfield State University uses grant to transition to Farm-to-Fork Food Service program