1. Western New England University

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    2. Clean energy grants worth $160K awarded by MassCEC, MTTC - Mass High Tech Business News

      ...generation by sequential liquefaction, gasification and ‘clean combustion’ of waste plastics. • Bart Lipkens, Western New England College’s Mechanical Engineering Department, “Ultrasound and Acoustophoresis Technology fo...
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  2. About Western New England University

    Western New England University

    Western New England College is a private college in Springfield, Massachusetts featuring graduate, undergraduate and law degree programs.

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    1. The primary benefit is that the name Western New England University better reflects the institution's growth, diversity, expanded graduate offerings and comprehensive nature.
      In Higher education institutions turn out a well-prepared workforce which helps attract business
    2. We think we have an outstanding product and we want to make Western New England university as affordable as we can to people in our region.
      In Western New England University announces business scholarship
    3. We are fortunate to partner with Western New England University, a school who shares our vision to create learning opportunities outside the school walls.
      In Western New England University, Duggan Academy in Springfield team up to help students