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  2. About Ware

    Ware is a town in Western Massachusettes.

  3. Quotes about Ware

    1. What this is going to allow us to do is to use whatever moneys we were using keeping this small inpatient unit alive to grow outpatient programs for both the Ware and the Palmer campuses.
      In Public Health Council approves merger of Baystate Mary Lane, Wing hospitals
    2. CHD has enjoyed a long and productive relationship with the residents of Ware, but this will be the first time we have a facility located right in the town of Ware.
      In Center for Human Development opens Ware office
    3. We hope that, since Baystate owns other hospitals, it will bring its services here or enhance the emergency room in Ware; it's very important to the town as well as to the other 15 communities in the Quaboag region.
      In Ware Aims to Revitalize Town, Promote Growth