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    2. UMass Amherst's George Huber receives national recognition again for green energy biofuels research

      Chemical engineer George Huber, whose quick, single-step process for turning sawdust, plant stalks and other cellulosic waste into green gasoline, has again received high-profile, national recognition for biofuels research, this time in the National Science Foundation's online magazine, Science Nation....
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    3. Kevin Fu from UMass Amherst named Technology Review's 2009 Innovator of the Year

      Kevin Fu, assistant professor of computer science, has been recognized by Technology Review magazine as the 2009 Innovator of the Year for his cutting-edge research to improve computer security and privacy for such applications as implantable medical devices and contactless...
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  2. About University of Massachusetts

    University of Massachusetts

    The University of Massachusetts  is the five-campus public university system of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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    1. Public universities strive to provide opportunity and, in moving forward to create this public law option, the University of Massachusetts is taking a step that is consistent with its core values and historic purpose.
      In Proposal for UMass law school in Dartmouth gathers steam
    2. Judge said the city will host its third developers' conference on Oct. 27 at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Another centerpiece will be the University of Massachusetts at Amherst's Clean Energy Connections third annual conference and opportunity fair set for Oct. 20 at the MassMutual Center. "The city is working so hard to create programs and images and perceptions that Springfield is a city on the move, Michel said.
      In Conference set on innovation
    3. This represents tremendous progress for the University of Massachusetts and shows how much our alumni and the community value UMass.
      Jack Wilson in Dedicated UMass financial advisors credited with helping endowment top $500 million