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    2. Decade Declarations | BusinessWest

      Decade Declarations | BusinessWest
      The key opportunities, meanwhile, involve leveraging new connections that significantly enhance the regions economic competitiveness a reference to everything from enhanced rail service to broadband networks; leading the Commonwealths clean-energy transformation while moving the region toward a balanced and diversified energy portfolio; and harnessing the economic-development potential of the New England Knowledge Corridor. Thats something Brennan says both Western Mass. and Northern Conn. have essentially failed to do since the ...
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    1. We think if we can do that, and we treat it as a commuter service, we have the potential for that period to have an added incentive for people to think about that option. And then if we can deliver, those are the kinds of rail patrons you keep.
      In Rail service dream needs to become reality in time for Interstate 91 viaduct construction
    2. The plan now is to send the equipment out of state.
      In Plans are in the works to add local commuter runs on Amtrak passenger train line
    3. We know we won't get all of it funded.
      In Massachusetts $12.7 billion transportation bond bill includes funding for PVTA garage, Interstate 91, commuter rail
    4. You need to get faster than 70 miles an hour to be competitive with the passenger automobile.
      In Fast trains to Boston, New Haven, Montreal subject of Springfield meeting | masslive.com
    5. Connecting our region with Boston has been a long-standing conversation.
      In Talk of high-speed rail between Springfield and Boston heats up; meeting next
    6. We constantly compare ourselves to Boston, and that means every bit of growth we have looks lukewarm instead of red hot.
      In Pioneer Valley Planning Commission paints positive, yet fragile, picture of the local economy
    7. We see it every day. We seek federal grants for transportation, recreation, water, soil and air quality.
      In Pioneer Valley Planning Commission paints positive, yet fragile, picture of the local economy
    8. People don't realize there are private companies making investments and adding jobs.
      In Pioneer Valley Planning Commission paints positive, yet fragile, picture of the local economy
    9. Given this, we'd be grateful if you as well as other local officials and staff in your community would plan to attend this initial kickoff meeting.
      In Mohegan Sun representatives agree to meet with municipal officials on potential Palmer casino impact, Pioneer Valley Planning Commission says
    10. We have had meetings with MDOT to discuss our project and the I-91 plans and plan to meet with them again soon.
      In $400 million overhaul of Interstate 91 hovers over planned casinos in Springfield, West Springfield