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    Timothy P Murray

    Timothy P. Murray is the current Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts. Prior to his service as Lieutenant Governor, Murray served as Mayor of Worcester, Massachusetts.


    1. Massachusetts vocational programs are a recipe for academic and career success.
      In State awards $1.1 million in Vocational School Equipment grants
    2. This is exactly what we need to make the progress we all want.
      In Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray announces $1.4 million federal grant for veterans' services, solicits input from Western Massachusetts providers
    3. Whether it be the Uniroyal site in Chicopee, The crane valve in Indian Orchard in Springfield, which is now a solar array bringing in revenue to the city and putting people to work those are the kinds of things we just want to continue to do and accelerate.
      In Lt. Murray discusses Brownfield projects
    4. We want to connect veterans with all the resources that are out there.
      In Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray talks jobs, economy, as report shows jobs in Bay State rebounded faster than previously thought | masslive.com
    5. It will provide jobs on a year-round basis.
      In State and local officials dedicate new barns at Three County Fairground in Northampton
    6. We remain committed to supporting our municipal partners as we continue the important work of rebuilding communities affected by the June 1 storms.
      In Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray announces $230,000 in grants to assist with tornado recovery plans