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    2. Principal Bridge Engineer Brian Brenner Joins Tighe & Bond - BusinessWest

      Principal Bridge Engineer Brian Brenner Joins Tighe & Bond - BusinessWest
      Tighe Bond Inc. announced that Brian Brenner, has joined the firm as a principal bridge engineer in its Building Services business line. He has 36 years of experience in highway and railroad bridges, tunnels, and value engineering for large highway and transit projects. Brenner will serve Tighe Bonds clients across the Northeast, working from the firms Westwood, Mass. office. Brenners career has been defined by his leadership on numerous high-profile ...
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    1. Tighe & Bond established these annual scholarships to honor the careers and contributions of three former company leaders who were instrumental in setting the long-term direction and success of the company Our goal is to help fund higher education for talented young students who are pursuing engineering careers.
      In Community Foundation Awards Two Tighe & Bond Scholarships