1. Springfield Armory

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  2. About Springfield Armory

    Springfield Armory

    The Springfield Armory was the primary center for the manufacture of U.S. military small arms and the site of many important technological advances from 1794 to 1968. They now sell various firearms.

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    1. Without a doubt – and you know this goes back centuries to the beginnings of the Springfield Armory – the Pioneer Valley is a world-class center.
      In Edward Leyden of Ben Franklin Design and Manufacturing in Agawam is co-chairman of state manufacturing task force
    2. Building 104 was a critical part of war production enabling Springfield Armory to produce 3.5 million M1 rifles for our troops.
      In STCC Technology Park plans partial demolition of 'Building 104,' but with plans to preserve its place in World War II history
    3. This reinforces how unique what we have is – the Quadrangle, the Springfield Armory, and combines it all together acting as one to apply for grants and to enhance programming.
      In Springfield officials, organizations seek to create cultural district downtown to enhance attractions, new venues