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  2. About Smith & Wesson Corp.

    Smith & Wesson Corp.

    Smith & Wesson is the largest manufacturer of handguns in the United States and is known for the many types of ammunition it has introduced over the years as well as its revolver expertise.


    1. STEM programs like those found at Putnam help prepare students for today's workforce.
      In Smith & Wesson donates $21,000 to Putnam Vocational Technical Academy for technology fund
    2. He really is treating it as a business and his product is a young adult who is ready for the business world, or the working world, or college, and whatever they want to pursue next.
      In Springfield's Putnam Vocational Technical Academy staff, students take pride in new school, student achievement
    3. It takes a year to get the products back.
      In At Eastec trade show in West Springfield, manufacturers talk about not sending work to China, new products, and more
    4. There is reason to be a little optimistic.
      In Mass. unemployment rate rises from 8.6% to 8.8% in July
    5. On behalf of all of our employees, we are honored to accept these two awards granted by not only our customer base but by our peers within the industry. We take great pride in this recognition. We work continually to support the shooting sports through a variety of joint partnerships and through the development of new and innovative products, such as the M&P15 rifle, which was first introduced only four years ago. Smith & Wesson will remain dedicated to supporting our industry's advancements and to developing the best products and services available on the market.
      In Smith & Wesson Earns Shooting Industry Awards