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  2. About Six Flags New England

    Six Flags New England

    Six Flags New England is the largest theme park in the North East and includes New England’s leading water park, Hurricane Harbor. Visit sixflags.com for more information.



  3. Quotes about Six Flags New England

    1. Six Flags New England is honored to help the United Way and support their annual school-supply drive as we help keep kids on track. Last year, our property collected well over 3,000 items, and our mission is to exceed that for this upcoming school year.
      In United Way Teams Up with Peter Pan, Six Flags to Stuff the Bus
    2. We're incredibly energized by our work with the Stuff the Bus initiative. Now its eighth year, we are proud to partner once again with Peter Pan Bus Lines, Western Mass News, Six Flags New England and Health New England.
      In United Way, Peter Pan Team up for ‘Stuff the Bus’