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      Elaborating, he said MassMutual has done so essentially by focusing on what he called the basics.And by this he means the three main pillars of the companys operations providing customers with financial security, paying the best dividends, and providing exceptional customer service.For example, the company has doubled down on its roster of agents, going from 3,700 a few years ago to more than 5,000 today, he ...
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  2. About Roger W. Crandall

    Roger W. Crandall

    Roger W. Crandall will become the Chief Executive Officer of MassMutual in January 2010.


    1. This, from our perspective, is a growth opportunity.
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    2. As a 158 year-old mutual company, MassMutual is committed to delivering long-term value to our policyholders, and our history of continued strong dividends on eligible participating policies is proof of that pledge.
      In MassMutual Approves $1.23 Billion Dividend for Policyholders