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    Rick Sullivan

    Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts President & CEO


    1. You are talking about a half-billion project.
      In CNR Changchun Railway to build larger factory at former Westinghouse site in Springfield
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    1. Rick Sullivan is the perfect choice to lead the EDC.
      Peter F. Straley in Rick Sullivan, Gov. Deval Patrick's chief of staff, poised to become president & Ceo of the Western Massachusetts Economic Development
    2. Very appreciative of EDC Executive Director Rick Sullivan's efforts to convene this Developers Conference to not only highlight the advantages of doing business here in our Western Mass. area, but also being able to trumpet the $2.7 billion in economic development in our Springfield too.
      In At WMass Developers Conference, Gov. Charlie Baker says $918M economic development bill would uplift Mass. outside of I-495