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  2. About Qteros


    Qteros, based in Marlborough, MA, uses abundant organic materials, such as the Q Microbe, to convert non-food plants and waste into clean transportation energy.


    1. Although Qteros achieved these outstanding ethanol outputs with a non-genetically engineered strain of the Q Microbe™, the company expects to capture further improvements by taking advantage of on-going efforts in molecular genetics and strain development.
      In Lab Rats: Qteros Touts Ethanol Breakthrough
  4. Quotes about Qteros

    1. So this is a win for Qteros, but more importantly it's a win for the community and a win for the planet.
      In Biofuel startup sticks to its roots
    2. We are thrilled to have John join us at this important stage of Qteros' development to lead and accelerate our technical, commercial and organizational growth plans.
      In Qteros unexpectedly replaces CEO Frey
    3. Qteros is grateful for all of the support that Mayor Bissonette and the City of Chicopee have provided.
      In Advanced Biofuels Pilot Plant Under Construction in Chicopee