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  2. Quotes about Pvlsi

    1. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with top research groups PVLSI and CEAR.
      In Amarantus MA Announces Collaboration With Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute
    2. Keeping these dollars here in western Massachusetts, supporting economic and scientific development in the North End of Springfield, and supporting the type of innovative research going on at PVLSI, is really the worthiest of outcomes of our fundraising efforts.
      In PVLSI opens new Breast Cancer Research Center
    3. We are honored and excited to have Mr. Parent join our board of directors. The perspective and ideas he will add as an entrepreneur and an advocate for regional technology-based economic development greatly strengthen our ability to achieve PVLSI's business and economic development goals.
      Paul Friedmann in Business Leader Keith Parent Joins Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute Board of Directors