1. Pioneer Valley Planning Commission

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    2. Massachusetts Collaborative Announces Intention to Build a World-Class Green High-Performance Computer Center and Statewide Research Program in Holyoke

      ...be assisted, in part by John Adams Innovation Institute and the local collaboration of Mayor Sullivan and the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, and will seek to identify the operational, capital, environmental, workfor...
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  2. About Pioneer Valley Planning Commission

    Pioneer Valley Planning Commission

    The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC) is the legally designated regional planning agency for the Pioneer Valley region in Western Massachusetts. PVPC was organized in 1962 to serve a planning district comprising 43 member cities and towns and more than 600,000 residents.


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    1. Thank you to the Environmental Protection Agency, MassDevelopment and the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission for their work in securing this impressive award for Springfield Union Station.
      In Springfield's Union Station wins national environmental award for brownfield redevelopment