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  2. About Peter F. Straley

    Peter F. Straley

    Peter F. Straley is the President & Chief Executive Officer of Health New England.


    1. Rick Sullivan is the perfect choice to lead the EDC.
      In Rick Sullivan, Gov. Deval Patrick's chief of staff, poised to become president & Ceo of the Western Massachusetts Economic Development
    2. Gather more firewood than you need in case it's raining when the next people come and they need a fire right away.
      In Health New England's Peter Straley stepping down at pivotal point
    3. So you can believe that if there is a cost to be cut, we cut it.
      In Health New England's Peter Straley stepping down at pivotal point
    4. Also we can do it by making people responsible for their own care and their own health.
      In Health New England: Now that Supreme Court has ruled on Obama health care law, let's focus on the cost of care
    5. Illness and disease are considered to be things that happen to you.
      In Wellness programs tonic for stressed health care system, Massachusetts medical professionals say
    6. It's higher than last year because medical costs have gone up since last year.
      In Cost of health care, not a lack of competition, driving up costs of coverage, Mass. insurers maintain | Massachusetts Local News - MassLive.com
    7. I think that would be a great goal for the rest of the country to shoot for.
      In Mass. lawmakers, insurers keeping close tabs on health-care debate