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  2. About Paul Friedmann

    Paul Friedman is the Executive Director of the Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute.


    1. In the long run, it's important for us to develop our own infrastructure and our own industrial base.
      In Life sciences research at Pioneer Valley colleges is poised to become leading hub
    2. I am delighted that Joe has accepted the role of science director at the PVLSI. Joe is a world-class researcher, and leader in the area of breast cancer prevention. The institute is lucky to have one great leader succeeding another.
      In UMass Amherst Office of News & Information : News Releases : Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute Names New Science Director
    3. We need to do a better job at selling this area as a low cost, high value region for biomanufacturing.
      In Seahorse Bioscience grows through Mass. expansion
    4. We are very happy to get this project under way.
      In Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute expands research lab in Springfield
    5. UMass has a presence in the city and we want to make it bigger.
      In Renovations to begin for UMass design center in Springfield's Court Square | Breaking News - MassLive.com -
    6. We are honored and excited to have Mr. Parent join our board of directors. The perspective and ideas he will add as an entrepreneur and an advocate for regional technology-based economic development greatly strengthen our ability to achieve PVLSI's business and economic development goals.
      In Business Leader Keith Parent Joins Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute Board of Directors