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    2. Baystate Wing Hospital Awards $30,000 in Grants

      Baystate Wing Hospital Awards $30,000 in Grants
      Baystate Wing Hospitalhas announced an investment of $30,000 in grants to benefit local community-based nonprofit organizations. The grant awards were given to theQuaboag Valley Community Development Corporation, theQuaboag Connectorto support local transportation in the region, theWare Fire Departmentto support Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and paramedic training, and to theWare Regional Recovery Centerto increased access to support and expand knowledge about recovery support services and resources in the region.
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    3. HCC to offer free childcare services for students

      HCC to offer free childcare services for students
      Holyoke Community College will soon offer free child-watch for parents working towards their college degrees. Itsy Bitsy Child Watch will open in March. The program will offer free, short-term care to children six weeks to 12 years old. The pilot phase is being funded through a 100,000 allocation in the 2022 state budget, secured by state Sen. John Velis. Parents will need to sign up in advance and remain ...
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    1. Mohegan Sun is committed to Palmer. If Palmer doesn't get it (a casino), we're done.
      In Mohegan Sun: Palmer or bust
    2. While Palmer's senator and representative are strangely silent on the casino issue, these 10 senators and representatives from Western Mass. had the courage to commit to the fight for jobs, revenue and economic development for Palmer, the Pioneer Valley and all of Western Massachusetts. The support of these senators and representatives is vital to ensuring the success of this project ...
      In Casino pledge prompts debate
    3. The Palmer Town Council must set a date for the election that they feel is reasonable for both the applicant and the residents of Palmer, so they have an opportunity to become fully familiar with the issues in order to determine how they want to vote on the referendum.
      In Mohegan Sun Massachusetts officials say host community agreement with Palmer should be inked by July | masslive.com