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  2. About Mohegan Sun

    Mohegan Sun

    Mohegan Sun is a resort and casino located in Uncasville, Connecticut.

  3. Quotes about Mohegan Sun

    1. Mohegan Sun is committed to Palmer. If Palmer doesn't get it (a casino), we're done.
      In Mohegan Sun: Palmer or bust
    2. The Mohegan Sun Player's Club card program will provide millions of dollars in discounts and rewards every year, and guests will be able to redeem points outside our resort casino to benefit the entire region.
      In Palmer seeks Monson water as backup for Mohegan Sun casino project including water park
    3. Mohegan Sun has always been a good neighbor in the regions where we operate, and we are carrying that philosophy into the surrounding communities in this region.
      In Mohegan Sun impact report: Palmer casino would lessen unemployment, benefit housing sales, and have minimal impact on roads