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  2. About Michael D. Bissonnette

    Michael D. Bissonnette

    Michael D. Bissonnette is the Mayor of Chicopee.


    1. Federal decisions on military deployment will continue to play a huge role in the economy of the Pioneer Valley as Westover represents one of the largest economic engines in the area.
      In Westover pumps $225 million into local economy; federal budget cuts cause impact to decrease | masslive.com
    2. My main concern is the damage any delays will cause to small businesses in Willimansett. I plan to ask the new contractor to work a 60-hour week ... in order to maintain the May completion.
      In Willimansett Bridge construction halted as contractor Pihl Inc. files for bankruptcy | masslive.com
    3. It will save us millions in interest for our ratepayers.
      In 8 Western Massachusetts communities get low-interest loans to improve water, sewer systems
    4. Wages and expenses are rising in China.
      In Disston toolmaking company of Deerfield ships jobs to China, to move remaining operations to Chicopee
    5. The work force training grants would be a great thing.
      In Disston toolmaking company of Deerfield ships jobs to China, to move remaining operations to Chicopee
    6. The fundraising of $2 million will not be completed until after construction. State law requires that full funding be in place prior to beginning the contract.
      In Fontaine Brothers of Springfield hired to build $8 million Chicopee Senior Center
    7. Somewhere in Western Massachusetts is going to have a licensed gaming facility that will produce thousands of car and bus trips and it is likely they will come off Exit 6 on the Mass Pike.
      In Casino proposals may help prompt new study of traffic problems on Chicopee's Burnett Road
    8. There have to be dramatic changes to pensions and the way we calculate post-retirement benefits.
      In Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation: Retiree health care benefits burden cities, put local services at serious risk
    9. Chicopee is uniquely positioned to benefit in a good economy.
      In Chicopee cautiously optimistic about increased commercial development in 2011 if economy picks up
    10. Hopefully the new Westover park will represent the future. We want to focus on (businesses) in alternative energy and pharmaceuticals.
      In Downsizing at Callaway Golf will not cripple economy of Chicopee, city officials say