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    Michael A. Tautznik

    Michael A. Tautznik is the Mayor of Easthampton.


    1. I am very pleased that the facility has met all the requirements necessary to safely operate as a part of the WMECO. electricity distribution grid.
      In Easthampton solar array now producing electricty, savings for city
    2. This is part of the pitfalls (of being) early in the technology.
      In Easthampton waiting for communication issues to be resolved between solar array, electric substation
    3. We did this to set the example for the municipal sector.
      In Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Tim Murray tours Easthampton's Oliver Street landfill solar array, now under construction
    4. Such projects probably have a better chance of being cost-effective for the private industry, due to the state and federal tax incentives. It's too early to say if such a project will come to fruition, or if it would be public, private or a combination of both.
      In Landfills eyed as solar sites