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  2. About Mary Kay Wydra

    Mary Kay Wydra

    Mary Kay Wydra is the President of the Greater Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau.


    1. We are proud and happy to present the Howdy Awards to honor just some of the most important people in the hospitality industry.
      In 2015 Howdy Awards recognize Pioneer Valley hospitality workers
    2. We have 260 members, and not all of them are for it.
      In Going All In | BusinessWest
    3. What we like about the MGM product is that inside-out casino, and we like their brand.
      In Going All In | BusinessWest
    4. Honestly, we see a casino coming here as a way to extend people's stay.
      In Going All In | BusinessWest
    5. We meet every two to three weeks, trying to get meetings and conventions to come into the region.
      In Going All In | BusinessWest
    6. This is an incredibly exciting time for tourism in the Pioneer Valley.
      In Greater Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau in marketing relationship with MGM Springfield
    7. Our main goal is to get people to come to this region for more than one day.
      In Getting Down to Business | BusinessWest
    8. We want to call attention to the value of the industry to the Commonwealth.
      In Tourism leaders in Massachusetts mark economic importance of industry
    9. Our feeder markets are Boston, Connecticut, and New York, and we are targeting our marketing efforts in the Boston area this summer.
      In Fueling Speculation
    10. We believe ours is an industry to invest in.
      In Gov. Deval Patrick says tourism is key to Massachusetts economy