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  2. About Kumble Subbaswamy

    Chancellor of UMass Amherst


    1. I am delighted to expand our work with the Commonwealth's outstanding community colleges and create another pathway into our integrated higher education system.
      In UMass announces new scholarship program for community college honors students
    2. Providing safe, clean drinking water is critical for maintaining the health and security of the commonwealth.
      In Gov. Deval Patrick: 'Water innovation the next frontier'; UMass Amherst professor receives $4.1 million EPA grant for drinking water research
    3. This is a great vote of confidence by the state and recognition of UMass Amherst's leadership in sustainability and energy initiatives.
      In Energy Secretary Richard Sullivan announces $6 million grant to create energy extension service at UMass
    4. I am quite pleased with the hiring of U3 Advisors. They bring the expertise and experience required to help us develop a shared strategy around housing and economic development opportunities.
      In UMass, Amherst officials hire Philadelphia-based U3 Advisors for town-gown study
    5. Student safety and security is our top priority. While this report concludes that our residential security program ranks favorably with comparable universities, more needs to be done.
      In UMass to make $2 million in improvements to campus security following independent review
    6. To excel today, the best universities must adapt. ... With UMass Rising, we are redefining the future by focusing on innovation and impact in the way we teach students, conduct research, create a diverse and inclusive community and play a national role in fashioning a sustainable future.
      In UMass Amherst launches 'UMass Rising,' a $300 million fund-raising campaign
    7. UMass Amherst is an engaged and committed member of the Amherst community.
      In UMass Amherst Chancellor Subaswammy proposes hiring outside consultant to evaluate town-gown issues
    8. We're ready, and we have a track record of getting involved with social change and economic development, but we can't do it without resources.
      In Setting a Course of Action | BusinessWest
    9. When the Land Grant Act was passed 150 years ago and our campus was created, there were specific expectations about educating the general populace and conducting relevant research and making sure that this research translated into benefiting society.
      In Setting a Course of Action | BusinessWest
    10. The role of the flagship campus is something I passionately believe in, Swamy.
      In Schools of Thought
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    1. When I talked with the chancellor (Kumble Subbaswamy) about starting this program, he saw it as natural to bring in someone with experience in both industry and the academic field.
      In Core Facilities at UMass-Amherst takes giant step for research