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  2. About Knowledge Corridor

    Knowledge Corridor

    The Hartford-Springfield Economic Partnership constitutes an economic and cultural partnership between the Connecticut River cities of Springfield Massachusetts, Hartford, Connecticut, and surrounding towns. Formalized by business and education leaders in 2000, the partnership seeks to engender economic and cultural opportunities for New England's second most populous region, of 1.7 million residents and 110,000 college students. The Hartford-Springfield area hosts over 26 colleges and universities, and thus received the moniker Knowledge Corridor from regional boosters.

  3. Quotes about Knowledge Corridor

    1. The Knowledge Corridor is a rail asset that will play a key role in the region's transportation system, both by delivering improved customer service in the form of faster travel times, as well as by being built to a standard that can accommodate more freight.
      In Springfield-to-Northfield train line to be purchased by state to restore Knowledge Corridor Rail Line
    2. If you were truly going to include the Knowledge Corridor, then certainly Amherst would not be slated for the elimination of its rail stop.
      In Mass. towns challenge new rail plans
    3. The year prior to that required the business communities on both sides of the line to demonstrate that there would be a market for this. We did our homework, we did surveys, we pitched it as the Knowledge Corridor, and Northwest ultimately made a decision to do it because there was a sense of cohesiveness.
      Allan W. Blair in A Tale of Two Cities and One Region