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    2. Holding the Line

      Holding the Line
      Rick Sullivan acknowledged the obvious: No one likes paying more for heating their home. Its a very real pocketbook issue. The average resident saw what happened to their electric bill this winter; it went up drastically because of the availability and price of natural gas, said Sullivan, president of the Western Massachusetts Economic Development Council (EDC). Right now, natural gas is setting the price for power in this region. But ...
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      Kenn W. Delude, president of Westmass Area Development Corporation presented a detailed review of the project.  As Kenn explained, this is the first step in the permit process, which should take approximately twelve to eighteen months to complete.  After the meeting, Westmass conducted a tour of the Mills for those interested in seeing first hand the size, scale and the resources available on the site. 
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    Kenn Delude

    Kenneth W. Delude, President, WestMass Area Development Corporation, 


    1. The park contains 147 acres and has fully permitted sites for sale that are complete with utilities.
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