1. Kathleen G. Anderson

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    2. Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito addresses Holyoke Chamber, touts public-private partnerships

      Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito addresses Holyoke Chamber, touts public-private partnerships
      ...inues to innovate. The chamber introduced Barry Feingold, the organization's new president. Feingold replaced Kathleen Anderson, who took a position with Holyoke Medical Center. State Sen. Donald Humason, R-Westfield, St...
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  2. About Kathleen G. Anderson

    Kathleen Anderson is the President of the Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce. She was formerly Director of Economic Development for the City of Holyoke.


    1. Workshop attendees are welcomed and encouraged to share any struggles, ideas and questions that they have or may have faced along their path to success.
      In Holyoke Chamber of Commerce offers tips on how to start business with 'Insurance' set to be 4th of 10 workshops
    2. This is exactly the type of company we were hoping for.
      In Holyoke company VertitechIT announces deal with Baystate Health to manage new data system
    3. I suppose if there were environmental issues for them there would be environmental issues for someone else also. It's also disappointing that the (Walmart) jobs won't come.
      In Walmart withdraws controversial plan for Holyoke supercenter, citing site pollution
    4. It's perfect timing because we just did finish an urban renewal plan, and now we're looking for funding for the infrastructure improvements.
      In Gateway Cities $1.7 billion investment proposal could drive projects in Springfield, Holyoke, Pittsfield and Westfield
    5. They're trying not to waste any time.
      In Holyoke Planning Board approves $16 million retail project including a Big Y supermarket
    6. To be able to expand their programs will be extremely beneficial to the community.
      In Holyoke Community College plans to purchase Grynn & Barrett building for health services programs
    7. We want to create a climate for businesses to come, not only to Holyoke, but to the Pioneer Valley.
      In Programming the Future
    8. Crafting regional and local strategies for innovation, technology and economic development.
      In Holyoke Community College to play host to conference on innovation and development
    9. The project is yet another example of the revitalization of Holyoke.
      In Cisco Systems outlines public safety communications plan for Holyoke officials
    10. People want to be around things like this.
      In Holyoke officials excited about planned high-performance computer center | Business - MassLive.com - - MassLive.com