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    Jeff Ciuffreda

    Jeff Ciuffreda is the President of the Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield, Inc. as well as the EDC Vice President of Government Affairs. 



    1. The rationale currently used allows virtually every worker who applies to be ultimately eligible for benefits, regardless of the reason for losing employment.
      In Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield support modest, incremental increase in Massachusetts' minimum wage
    2. We had a system that was working, and now we're going into a different system and we're not sure it's going to work or not.
      In Associated Industries of Massachusetts survey finds huge variability in health insurance premium changes under 'Obamacare'
    3. There were seven or eight new entrants.
      In Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield honors Super 60 | masslive
    4. We wanted to be sure we thoroughly understood the issues and understood how to capitalize on the positive impact an $800 million investment would have on the city and the region and minimize any potential drawbacks, In the end, we determined that the benefits of the opportunity far outweighed any reservations.
      In Springfield Chamber of Commerce endorses MGM Springfield casino plan ...
    5. That would really add a lot of value to our real-estate market.
      In Springfield Chamber of Commerce supports casino for city, but has concerns
    6. They are a freight -moving company.
      In Massachusetts' purchase of CSX railroad line may lead to improved Springfield
    7. Many of our members join the chamber because it's a solid organization more than 100 years old.
      In Getting Down to Business
    8. The lists also show diversity. We have manufacturers, software developers, retailers, restaurants.
      In Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield celebrates Super 60
    9. I believe this program is a great showcase of our region and truly shows the diversity of our employment base, our businesses, which is our strength.
      In Stories Worth Telling
    10. Once that happens, we will have hotline numbers, e-mail addresses, and better explanations of programs available to residents and businesses.
      In Blown Away
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    1. But we have every confidence in Jeff Ciuffreda and the presentation he gave us was very professional and persuasive.
      In Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield reorganizes with East of the River group on board