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  2. About Jack Wilson

    Jack Wilson

    Jack Wilson is the President of the University of Massachusetts.


    1. I think I'm most proud of the growth we've seen in this university in its stature in the world.
      In Outgoing UMass President Jack Wilson wins praise for boosting university's stature
    2. This represents tremendous progress for the University of Massachusetts and shows how much our alumni and the community value UMass.
      In Dedicated UMass financial advisors credited with helping endowment top $500 million
    3. There will be exciting things going on.
      In UMass president Jack Wilson: Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center will "put Holyoke on the map"
    4. The University of Massachusetts is being recognized as a major force in the world of research, as evidenced by the millions of dollars in research funding that is pouring into all five of our campuses.
      In UMass notches record research spending year
    5. These grants allow the University to support faculty-developed inventions with the potential to drive the economy and change people's lives. Throughout our nation's history, breakthroughs made in university labs have shaped our social and economic development and spurred economic growth.
      In UMass Researcher Sees Dollar Signs