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    2. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick asks for change in CORI law, seeking to further restrict employers' access to applicants' criminal records

      ...from Springfield called for changes in the state's criminal record information law. Doris A. Quinones, 29, of Holyoke, said she has been haunted by an assault and battery charge that was dismissed by a judge in Springfie...
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  2. About Holyoke


    Holyoke is a city in Hampden County, Massachusetts, United States, on the banks of the Connecticut River. It is part of the Springfield, Massachusetts Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city was named after Elizur Holyoke, who explored the area in 1660. One of the first planned industrial communities, Holyoke's nickname is The Paper City.

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    1. It's very upbeat. I think the high-performance computer center is going to be a big plus for Holyoke.
      In Gov. Deval Patrick due in Holyoke to unveil results of study concerning high-performance computer center in canal area
    2. With this, Peter Pan will resume service to downtown Holyoke, which we have not had for about 15 years.
      In Grand opening set for $9 million Holyoke Transportation Center
    3. We look forward to working closely with John and our partners to move this historic project forward for the Commonwealth, Holyoke and the region.
      Gregory P. Bialecki in John Goodhue picked as interim director of Holyoke high-performance computing center