1. Holyoke Medical Center

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  2. About Holyoke Medical Center

    Holyoke Medical Center is a 202-bed hospital providing services in general medical and surgical care, emergency care, birthing, oncology, rehabilitation, and training facilities.

  3. Quotes about Holyoke Medical Center

    1. Holyoke Medical Center has needed a new emergency department for a very long time.
      In $23.8 million construction of Holyoke Medical Center emergency department proceeds on schedule, including 'signing of the beam'
    2. With the assistance of this tax-exempt lease, Holyoke Medical Center is able to continue to offer the latest in medical technology and an expanded range of services to offer the Pioneer Valley.
      In Holyoke Medical Center gets $3.2M toward equipment
    3. This financing will allow the hospital to meet its patients' needs more effectively with key equipment upgrades, helping Holyoke Medical Center remain a hub of health and wellness in the Pioneer Valley.
      In Holyoke Medical Center gets $3.2M toward equipment