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    2. Congressman Neal to announce STEM grants for college students

      Congressman Neal to announce STEM grants for college students
      Congressman Richard Neal announced two grants at Springfield Technical Community College Wednesday morning that will help students among Latinx and low-income families. According to a news release from STCC, the $7.35 million in grants will be used to expand support services to help Hispanic and low-income students to pursue degrees in the STEM field. STCC is a federally designated Hispanic Serving Institution, meaning their Latinx enrollment exceeds 25 percent.
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  2. About Holyoke Community College

    Holyoke Community College

    Holyoke Community College (HCC) is a state-funded public two-year community college located in Holyoke Massachusetts. It offers associate degrees as well as a transfer program for students to earn credits for transfer to other colleges. HCC currently offers 76 associate degree options and 41 certificate programs, as well as adult basic education/GED programs, education and training for business and industry, and noncredit community service programs.

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    1. Nursing is a natural. We have a number of graduates who are enrolled in HCC (Holyoke Community College) for nursing now.
      In Chicopee Academy to team with Westover Job Corps to give students a chance to learn job skills
    2. I am honored to serve as a trustee of Holyoke Community College.
      In Katie Stebbins appointed to Holyoke Community College Board of Trustees by Charlie Baker
    3. We are thrilled to have these expanded opportunities and supports for early college access offerings with Westfield State University and Holyoke Community College. This is an exciting time for (Holyoke public schools) students and families.
      In $20,000 state grants helping Holyoke students in early college programs