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  2. About Health New England

    Health New England, Inc. (HNE) is a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) licensed in Massachusetts. Our main office is at One Monarch Place in Springfield. We also have an office in Pittsfield to serve Berkshire county.

    HNE’s service area in Massachusetts includes Franklin, Berkshire, Hampden and Hampshire counties and part of Worcester county. We also serve Hartford, Litchfield and Tolland Counties in Connecticut.

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    1. To be part of a select few carriers up on the new platform is a great opportunity for Health New England.
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    2. This region is extremely fortunate to have leaders in Boston who advocate tirelessly on budgetary and policy issues important to Baystate Health and Health New England.
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    3. I'm all in — I just haven't finished learning everything I want to learn from Health New England.
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