1. Hartford Springfield Economic Partnership

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    2. 2012 European Business Development Mission

      2012 European Business Development Mission
        EDC Senior VP of Business Development Mike Graney will return to Europe in November to continue our international business development initiative. Mike annually attends Medica, the world’s premier medical device trade show in Düsseldorf. He will also represent the EDC as part of a New England’s Knowledge Corridor® (Hartford CT – Springfield MA region) sponsorship of a Dutch medical device regulatory affairs conference two days before Medica. The EDC ...
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    3. Hartford Springfield Economic Partnership gets $4.2 million to boost Knowledge Corridor | masslive.com

      Hartford Springfield Economic Partnership gets $4.2 million to boost Knowledge Corridor | masslive.com
      ...make them the twin cities of the Knowledge Corridor much like Minneapolis and St. Paul are in Minnesota.” The Hartford Springfield Economic Partnership recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Knowledge Corridor e...
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  2. About Hartford Springfield Economic Partnership

    Hartford Springfield Economic Partnership

    The Hartford-Springfield Economic Partnership (HSEP) is dedicated to increasing interstate cooperative efforts in support of marketing and public policy goals.

    The collaboration advances projects with regional implications and furthers the economic progress of the interstate region.

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    1. The biggest key to  attracting and retaining young people is to have job opportunities for them and that's a big part of what the Hartford Springfield economic partnership is about.
      Allan W. Blair in Leaders from WMass and CT talk about future of region