1. Governor Deval L. Patrick

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  2. About Governor Deval L. Patrick

    Governor Deval L. Patrick

    Deval Laurdine Patrick is the current Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. On November 7, 2006, Patrick became the first African-American governor of Massachusetts. 


    1. He's here now, so we can call him out.
      In Holyoke steps toward return of passenger train service with ground-breaking for $3.2 million platform
    2. The Economic Development Council is lucky to have such a capable leader, and I know that Rick will continue working to ensure that Western Massachusetts is a thriving part of the commonwealth and the nation for generations to come.
      In Rick Sullivan, Gov. Deval Patrick's chief of staff, poised to become president & Ceo of the Western Massachusetts Economic Development
    3. Water innovation is the next frontier.
      In Gov. Deval Patrick: 'Water innovation the next frontier'; UMass Amherst professor receives $4.1 million EPA grant for drinking water research
    4. I feel very, very strongly about the connection between great affordable education and the American dream.
      In Governor: New UMass center in downtown Springfield provides bridge to success
    5. Innovation is the secret sauce that makes that happen.
      In Valley Venture Mentors accelerator to receive $100000 from MassTech
    6. We have made incredible strides in turning around our most underperforming schools.
      In Springfield to receive nearly $3 million to aid 2 underperforming schools
    7. The Governor's Springfield Office is an important means for us to stay engaged with Western Mass communities and they with us.
      In Gov. Deval Patrick promotes 'Partners in Public Service' program with insider's look into state budget | masslive.com
    8. That's why it is important that the decision is made while I'm still in office.
      In Gov. Deval Patrick wants MBTA car builder to locate in Western Massachusetts
    9. It is going to happen here, sooner or later.
      In Gov. Deval Patrick wants MBTA car builder to locate in Western Massachusetts
    10. They are thinking strategically, which is good to see.
      In Gov. Deval Patrick wants MBTA car builder to locate in Western Massachusetts