1. Florence Savings Bank

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      Western Mass banks stress local, hope economy improves | - MassLive.com
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  2. About Florence Savings Bank

    Florence Savings Bank

    Founded in 1873, Florence Savings Bank provides personal and business banking services at its 9 locations throughout Western Massachusetts.

  3. Quotes about Florence Savings Bank

    1. Florence Savings Bank is allowing us to create a foundational program from which we can respond to families, and their vote of confidence means so much to us.
      In Florence Savings Bank provides grants to 25 agencies in annual Customers' Choice program
    2. Ed played such a key role in the growth and development of Florence Savings Bank. He was a highly-respected member of the banking community, and we are all indebted to him for his excellent service to the Bank, and also for his leadership in the community.
      In Florence Savings Bank contributes $2,5000 to Forbes Library