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    2. Hogan Technology Receives Top Industry Award

      Hogan Technology Receives Top Industry Award
      Hogan Technology recently received Technology Assurance Groups (TAG) top award at the 19th annual TAG Convention held in Orlando, Fla. TAG, an international organization of independently owned managed-technology service providers in the U.S. and Canada, selected Hogan Technology as the winner of the TAG Champion Award. The award is based on the companys ability to drive fellow TAG members growth and advancement. Hogan Technology offers an array of IT ...
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  2. About Easthampton


    Easthampton is a model small city of the 21st century. It retains its mill town soul, while fostering innovation. Community members treasure the abundant resources, dynamic downtown, and vibrant neighborhoods. By adapting, evolving, and making tough choices, Easthampton is sustainable, inclusive, balanced, and a great place to live

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    1. This is an important project for Stop&Shop, and very important to Easthampton.
      In Market permit denied
    2. It's great that we have a nationally recognized band like Wilco that will be using Easthampton as a base.
      In Wilco record label, dBpm Records, will set up shop in Easthampton at Eastworks
    3. The challenge for the design was that we wanted something Easthampton-like and would carry the character of the old mill buildings.
      In Easthampton Savings Bank to build loan center on Route 10