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  2. About Eastfield Mall

    Eastfield Mall

    The Eastfield Mall is a shopping mall in Springfield, Massachusetts. Built in late 1967, it was one of the first indoor malls in New England. Today, Eastfield refers to both the mall and the entire retail district interchangeably.

  3. Quotes about Eastfield Mall

    1. This event is important in so many ways. Thanks to the generous donation of a retail store by Eastfield Mall management, we will be able raise awareness of our work in the community and raise much needed funds.
      In Dress For Success Western Mass. to hold fundraiser pop-up tag sale August 27-31
    2. We are delighted and grateful to have the ongoing support of Eastfield Mall, as well as our lead sponsor, MassMutual.
      In Eastfield Mall to Host Dress for Success Tag Sale Aug. 18-20