1. Eastern States Exposition

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    2. RV, Camping, and Outdoor Show wraps up four day event

      RV, Camping, and Outdoor Show wraps up four day event
      You could feel the anticipation for a Summer getaway as the RV, Camping, and Outdoor Show wrapped up its four day run at the Big E Fairgrounds in West Springfield Monday. Since Friday, outdoor and travel enthusiasts have packed the place, many of them trading in their old RVs for a more up-to-date model, as they plan ahead for the warmer weather and travel in a more COVID-free
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  2. About Eastern States Exposition

    Eastern States Exposition

    The Eastern States Exposition is an annual New England fair that occurs each September featuring livestock shows, live music, vendors, food, rides and exhibits.

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    1. We're excited to bring one of our events to the Eastern States Exposition Center.
      In Grundy Worldwide Insurance East Coast Nationals come to Western MAssachusetts
    2. It is my understanding the Eastern States Exposition leadership has sought the advisory services of the Bronson Companies on the topic of a resort-style gaming project.
      In Casino developer Richard Bronson eyeing Eastern States Exposition fairgrounds in West Springfield
    3. The Eastern States Exposition is certainly interested in the game.
      In Eastern States Exposition refuses to say if it is talking with Hard Rock International as potential casino developer