1. Dr. Robert C. Holub

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  2. About Dr. Robert C. Holub

    Dr. Robert C. Holub

    Robert Charles Holub assumed his role as chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Amherst August 1, 2008, as the 10th chancellor of the flagship campus.


    1. I look forward to leading this great institution on its current trajectory of success for another year.
      In UMass-Amherst Chancellor Robert Holub announces plans to leave next year
    2. We should worry less about being called the flagship campus and more about being the flagship campus.
      In UMass-Amherst Chancellor Robert Holub tells faculty he wants Amherst campus ready to excel
    3. We will continue to work closely with all constituencies on ideas to generate revenues in new and inventive ways, cognizant of the fact that every new dollar we raise is one less dollar we must cut.
      In UMass chancellor warns of $50 million in cuts
    4. In this building, we're educating the next generation of leaders.
      In UMass dedicates new $114.5 million Integrated Sciences Building
    5. This is something we'd very much like to see prosper in Springfield.
      In Microbe factory future pitched
    6. When we have budgetary means, however, we must proceed to increase the size of our faculty with an eye toward strategic initiatives.
      In Chancellor Robert Holub says more faculty, space, funding and connections to communities are needed if UMass is going to excel