1. Dr. Evan S. Dobelle

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  2. About Dr. Evan S. Dobelle

    Dr. Evan S. Dobelle

    Dr. Evan Dobelle is the President of Westfield State College.


    1. I am pleased to present University Hall, whose name and dedication reflects its historic place as the first building dedicated since Westfield State became a university.
      In Westfield State University dedicates new dormitory
    2. It will be the first time in 40 years that a new science and technology building will be built on campus.
      In Westfield State University dedicates new dormitory
    3. I know of no other public figure in Massachusetts more widely regarded for his bipartisanship and resolute integrity than the senator.
      In State Sen. Michael Knapik, R-Westfield, stepping down to take new position with Westfield State University
    4. In 2008 we started to make this a priority. We had 13 colleges and universities in our study-abroad program. Today we have over 700 opportunities for students to study abroad.
      In Westfield State University to launch Institute for Hispanic and Latin-American Education | masslive.com
    5. With that kind of funding, we have an obligation to freeze fees.
      In Massachusetts public college presidents pledge to give students relief from fee increases under budget scenario unveiled on Beacon Hill | masslive
    6. Our ongoing relationships with the city of Westfield and numerous not-for-profit organizations are enhancing quality of life on campus, while our faculty, staff and students offer outstanding service wherever they are needed in the community as eager volunteers, interns and board members.
      In Westfield State University Foundation celebrates donors
    7. If a city can be represented by individuals who represent its heart and soul, among them would be Lisa McMahon. She has a personal energy and wonderful spirit that will be long remembered. I admire her enormously.
      In Lisa McMahon to step down as first director of Westfield's Business Improvement District
    8. To be ranked as only 1 of 4 institutions in the country by U.S. News & World Report on their Honor Roll, along with The University of Florida, Pace University in New York and Florida Institute of Technology is extraordinary.
      In Westfield State University wins accolades in U.S. News & World Report ranking of online education programs
    9. Our residential campus environment is a unique attraction for prospective students.
      In Westfield State University prepares for $103 million in construction and renovation projects
    10. We had to turn down 500 students for enrollment because we lack adequate housing, but that will be corrected by 2013.
      In Westfield State University marks upswing after name change