1. Don Courtemanche

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  2. About Don Courtemanche

    Don Courtemanche

    Executive Director of the Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce



    1. The nominations for this year's batch of award winners was a daunting task to sift through as there are so many individuals and organizations in this community worthy of recognition.
      In Amherst Chamber honoring Rotary Club, Stephanie O'Keeffe and Tony Maroulis at annual dinner
    2. The statute allowed property owners to reaffirm their faith in the BID.
      In Changing Perceptions
    3. It contributes to the perception of public safety and will have a huge effect because it will light up the beautiful architecture we have downtown after dark.
      In Changing Perceptions
    4. It started with 10 concerts and has grown to 12, and the spinoff is huge for the parking facilities, businesses, and restaurants in the district.
      In Changing Perceptions
    5. While that might not seem like a huge move, these people park, go out to eat, may visit a bar after the game, have a great time, and become comfortable downtown.
      In Changing Perceptions
    6. We will have food and entertainment, and hopefully it will result in a new tenant.
      In Changing Perceptions
  4. Quotes about Don Courtemanche

    1. I can't say enough about the work that (executive director) Don Courtemanche, his crew and the SBID do in putting on these shows.
      In Stearns Square Thursday concerts to heat up downtown Springfield
    2. We are beyond devastated to report the passing of our friend and past President Don Courtemanche.
      In ‘Forever missed’: Business and historic preservation activists mourn death of Donald Courtemanche, former leader of Springfield BID and Amherst chamber