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  2. About Domenic J. Sarno

    Domenic J. Sarno

    Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, a native son of the City of Springfield, has a reputation for his commitment to community-based programs to address quality-of-life issues, education and public safety.


    1. It's an appropriate tie in of education, respect for the environment, health and our beautiful Forest Park area.
      In Springfield City Council funds $4 million Environmental Center project at Forest Park, cheered by supporters
    2. Of course I'm in full support of that project, not only for the educational value it brings but also the respect for nature and the environment.
      In Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno: Environmental center project at Forest Park ready to move forward
    3. This site is among the largest pieces of open land currently available in Springfield.
      In Springfield hires firm to explore new uses for 22-acre property in Indian Orchard; seeking public input
    4. Providing education and job training to our residents is vital in our efforts in knocking down poverty and crime.
      In STCC offers workforce development for Springfield residents in Six Corners, South End neighborhoods
    5. We really are at a pivotal moment in the city's history.
      In For the Long Haul | BusinessWest
    6. I would love to see it happen with 263 Central St..
      In Springfield seeks developer for tax-foreclosed Central Street apartment building, offering up to $300,000 in federal aid
    7. Across the country, old fire stations are offering unique opportunities for urban pioneers.
      In Springfield seeks to sell closed fire stations in Forest Park, Indian Orchard | masslive.com
    8. I'm very pleased that we have two world-class companies that are in competition for the MBTA bid and have found that Springfield is their top spot, It brings a lot of good paying precision machining jobs, a lot of opportunity and a growing tax base.
      In With Hyundai Rotem and CNR Changchun, Springfield now has two chances for
    9. Not only do we ensure to protect the $1.5 million investment in Bright Nights, but we are going to provide space for our residents to gain lifelong career skills.
      In Local officials praise $1.6 million Forest Park building project for Bright Nights storage, technical skills training
    10. From a potential devastating tragedy has come an optimistic approach as we move forward.
      In New Springfield downtown study calls for focus on dining, culture, housing
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    1. Mayor Domenic J. Sarno thanked Walmart for its praising the store for being a major employer and for its generosity to local nonprofit organizations.
      In Springfield officials, shoppers join in praising completed remodeling of Boston Road Wal-Mart | masslive.com
    2. Mayor Domenic J. Sarno said the project
      In Springfield opens $3 million Forest Park building for job skills training, Bright Nights...
    3. We are excited to have the Honorable Domenic J. Sarno, Mayor of the City of Springfield, preside over the ceremony.
      In Delaney’s Market in Springfield plans Wednesday opening