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  2. About Daniel M. Knapik

    Daniel M. Knapik

    Daniel M. Knapik is Mayor of the City of Westfield.


    1. This solar initiative has been one our city staff has worked hard to bring over the finish line. This project provides a new source of revenue for operations and allows us to diversify our energy portfolio and build some certainty as it relates to our energy costs going forward.
      In Citizen Energy Corp. partners with Westfield in Twiss Street Solar operation
    2. Nabil and Julie have come a long way in a short amount of time since the recession.
      In Expert Fitness, Extra Innings and Shortstop Bar & Grill transform old Westfield car dealership into business hub
    3. It's a great cause. It's a great re-use of the building.
      In Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Westfield expected to be a lifeline for working families
    4. This plan will keep our model school plans intact and preserve the 62 percent state reimbursement for the project costs.
      In Westfield changes property focus for new $36 million elementary school
    5. Our senior population saw a lot of time go by, but they kept the patience with us.
      In Construction begins on $7.5 million Westfield Senior Center
    6. We have worked hard to position Westfield as a good community to open a business in. We have seen a great deal of interest to date and we are actively pursuing prospects so that we can continue to experience additional economic opportunities for our citizens.
      In Westfield sees increase in small business openings
    7. The Forish bid is a good number. This is great for Westfield. It has been a long haul and we are finally able to proceed with construction.
      In Forish Construction of Westfield low bidder for new Westfield Senior Center; groundbreaking expected by September
    8. It's tremendous for the city of Westfield.
      In Westfield cuts ribbon for Barnes Air National Guard Base runway project as state preps for national review of military installations
    9. We would lose the 24/7 fire protection at the airport.
      In U.S. Rep. Richard Neal, Massachusetts delegation, working to preserve military bases including Barnes, Westover | masslive.com
    10. This is a multi-part project, and the city will provide financing to get it started.
      In Westfield officials unveil plans for new $6.5 million Senior Center