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    2. Investment in the life sciences sector is critical to Massachusetts' future (Viewpoint)

      Investment in the life sciences sector is critical to Massachusetts' future (Viewpoint)
      Ten years ago, Massachusetts took a risk. With a 10-year, $1 billion initiative proposed by then-Gov. Deval Patrick, we chose to breathe life into a budding biotech and life sciences sector with the bold hope that funding new research would transform our state's economy. That investment has paid off. Students at Chicopee Comprehensive High School, Putnam Vocational Technical Academy, Springfield High School of Science and Technology -- and 146 other ...
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    3. FeedHenry and Court Square Partner to Deliver First Cloud-Powered Hipaa ...

      FeedHenry (www.feedhenry.com) the cloud solutions provider for mobile healthcare applications and Court Square Group (www.courtsquaregroup.com), providers of enterprise business solutions and private clouds for regulated industries, announced a joint collaboration to develop and deliver the first fully HIPAA-compliant mobile app solution, powered by the cloud, to Health New England (www.hne.com) (HNE).
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  2. About Court Square Group, Inc.

    Court Square Group Inc. provides services in strategic business process and business system consulting as well as information technology, network and security and document management. Services also include life science subject matter expertise spanning the drug development cycle with a range of technology, quality, audit and clinical services.