1. Cooley Dickinson Hospital

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  2. About Cooley Dickinson Hospital

    Cooley Dickinson Hospital

    Cooley Dickinson, a 142-bed acute care hospital, provides patient-centered healthcare services both at its main campus in Northampton, Massachusetts, and at satellite facilities in Amherst, Easthampton, Florence, Hadley, South Deerfield and Worthington.

  3. Quotes about Cooley Dickinson Hospital

    1. We are pleased that Cooley Dickinson Hospital has become part of Mass General and look forward to working with the board, management, physicians, and staff to help preserve and enhance the outstanding care that patients and families in western Massachusetts have counted on for so long.
      In Northampton's Cooley Dickinson Hospital officially affiliate of Boston's Massachusetts General Hospital and Partners Healthcare, affiliation includes plans for comprehensive cancer center
    2. This is about getting Mass General Cancer Center quality at Cooley Dickinson Hospital.
      In Mass General Cancer Center officially opens at Northampton hospital